Keynote : Why Work Isn’t Working Anymore

Transforming Your Workplace Into A Place Where People Matter

Based on the themes contained in his book, “Why Work Isn’t Working Anymore – Tools to Transform Your Workplace As If People Mattered,” Karger observes that fewer than half of all employees today are satisfied with their jobs.

After years of meager raises, cuts in benefits, and mass layoffs, it should not be surprising that most employees do not believe their employers care about them beyond their utility as “human resources.”

Most companies have done nothing about the precipitous decline in employee morale. Most deny it exists, at least within their own organizations. Others sit back and hope the problem will resolve itself.

Still others have tried to reverse the spiral with fancy mission statements, making less look like more, and balancing “work” and “life,” as if those were two different experiences.

None of the institutional solutions implemented by corporate America have been effective, leaving most companies whistling past the graveyard, painting a smiley-face on the problem of employee unhappiness and hoping something will change, but not knowing what that something may be.

In this 50 minute address, Karger focuses on why work isn’t working anymore for most employees, how companies have failed to reverse the decline in employee satisfaction by playing their weakest hand, and how you can make a difference, not by covering up the problem, denying it, or justifying it, but by empowering yourself and your managers to effect positive change in the lives of others.