Legal Services

Counter-Union Organizational Campaigns »read more

A majority of Karger’s legal practice involves orchestrating counter-union organizational campaigns to keep your workplace union free. With more than 100 successful counter-organizational campaigns and organizing attempts in the last 30 years, Karger is one of the best-known campaign specialists in the country.

The Wall Street Journal called him, “one of the best at what he does.” And what he does is not only win, but leaves your work place better than he found it, concentrating on what caused employees to seek representation to begin with, helping you correct those problems, and leaving your workforce ready to move on to more productive endeavors.

Collective Bargaining »read more

Onsite handling or offsite assistance, Karger will see your organization through the trials of collective bargaining with a view toward a contract that provides management flexibility and includes state-of-the-art provisions that are in the best interest of management and the employees for whom they assume responsibility.