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Karger's Day With Your Managers and Supervisors

Karger spends a day with your managers, supervisors, and HR department – one-on-one. With 30 years of experience evaluating people, systems, and workplace issues, Karger provides a 40+ page report to upper management clearly defining areas of strength, weakness, vulnerability, and opportunity to make your workplace a better place to be for every employee, with specific recommendations for change, the byproducts of the process including enhanced satisfaction, increased productivity, and reduced turnover.

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Top-Down Communications Systems Development

“Karger knows how to get into the heads of employees,” says the Wall Street Journal. He does it by custom producing all-encompassing top-down communications programs for his clients. Who says what when and how often, who supports each communication and how, who hears and reads it, and measuring employee feedback, Karger’s internal communications systems are state-of-the-art.

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Connecting Your Company to Every Employee and Every Employee To You

Connecting to employees means more than a decent paycheck and traditional benefits. Karger’s “new age employers” understand their roles as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, mentors, pastors, and psychiatrists. They connect to their employees by reaching through them and connecting them to their communities, families, friends, health, hobbies, environment, work, and their finances.

Using proven connections, Karger helps companies establish their own circle of credible connections – with whom and what, for whom, when, how often – the customized system is one that will be right for your company and help transform your culture to one of care, compassion, and concern.

Onsite handling or offsite assistance, Karger will see your organization through the trials of collective bargaining with a view toward a contract that provides management flexibility and includes state-of-the-art provisions that are in the best interest of management and the employees for whom they assume responsibility.