About Jim Karger : Philosophy

Karger believes

  • work need not be drudgery, but can and should be enjoyed;
  • work is not more than a paycheck in most workplaces, but should and can be more;
  • paying a competitive, living wage that provides a decent standard of living is a moral obligation of every employer;
  • money and traditional benefits, beyond that which provides for basic needs and is competitive, internally and externally, is not the answer to long-term human satisfaction;
  • the dynamic that brings satisfaction, contentment, and happiness in our workplaces are our relationships with each other – relationships based in care, compassion, and concern;
  • the traditional duality of management and labor, salaried and hourly, white collar and blue collar, and all other historically distinguishing differences are unimportant and serve only to create friction, misunderstanding, and resentment;
  • our differences inside and outside the workplace are insignificant, and that what matters is our sameness as human beings, each needing to be heard, understood, and cared for by others;
  • continuing to do the same old things in the same old ways leads to the same old results – a continuing downward spiral in the satisfaction of the western workforce;
  • behaviors can be modeled that in their natural course results in everyone being heard and understood, with empathy arising out of that understanding, and from this empathy meaningful relationships developed that provide most of the happiness we experience in our lives.